Parents are fattening to their children, but the system behind makes many people

Children who suffer from overweight, obesity increasingly tend to increase

According to nutritionists, overweight, obesity is the accumulation of abnormal fat, exceeding the levels that affect health. Currently, overweight, obese children are the problem of community health challenges across the globe.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) year 2016, approximately 41 million children under 5 years old and 340 million children aged 5-19 are overweight and obese.

Young children with obesity increasingly tend to grow, especially in urban countries. Artwork

In Vietnam, overweight, obesity tends to rise rapidly in recent years, especially in the urban area. In 1996, the proportion of overweight children of obesity in Hanoi and HCMC is 12%. However, this rate grew to about 43% in 2009.

In the period 2014-2015, the rate of young obesity in HCMC is above 50%, while the inner city of Hanoi is about 41%.

Recently, the National Nutrition Institute continues to announce the remarkable numbers of the state of overweight and obesity in children.

Accordingly, in the research work on malnutrition, diets, consumption frequency and food habits of primary students, SECONDARY and HIGH School at 75 schools in 25 communes, wards of Hanoi, HCMC , Thai Nguyen, Nghe An and Soc Trang have shown that: the proportion of overweight and obesity in elementary school students is quite high, especially in the urban area.

In particular, the state of overweight and obesity of urban elementary school students accounted for 41.9% and rural 17.8%. For MIDDLE school students, students in urban overweight account for 20.9%, while rural students are 7.9%.

Also in this newly published study, experts said that the diets of elementary school students higher demand recommendations on energy and proteins.

Besides, diet and living shortage of science as regular sitting in front of television screens, telephones, using many of the sugar and semi-processed drinks on the street (sugarcane juice, syrup ice water, milk tea...) increases the risk of overweight , obesity in children.

Visible signs of the child being overweight, obesity is an increase in weight and accumulation of fat throughout the body, especially in the waist area, abdomen, thighs...

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Besides, in order to accurately assess whether the child is overweight obesity or not, the doctor will conduct measurements on the body as measured in weight and height of the child. From there, there are timely interventions.

Childhood obesity is a "gateway" of many diseases

According to PGS. DR Cao Thi Thu Huong (National Institute of Nutrition), obesity in young children is the risk factor of many diseases right at present as well as young adults.

Limit fast food and carbonated drinks to avoid overweight obesity. Photo TL

Accordingly, children who are obese when they are in school age will be prone to self-inferiority by their friends, taunting their appearance, leading to boredom, not wanting to go to school. Gradually you become passive, lacking flexibility and loneliness for not having you. If this prolonged condition will lead to depression in young children.

Besides, obesity from the small is also the "gateway" of many diseases at maturity such as: degenerative joint, lumbar pain. Because, as the body weight rises, the heavier the joints, the greater the dorsal area, the hip joint, the knee joint, the neck of the leg, make these joints soon damaged and rapidly aging.

In addition, in a child with obesity, prolonged glucose tolerance can cause diabetes mellitus, the posterior blood fat metabolism disorder. On the other hand, when growing up, overweight people are also prone to gravel in the liver, early fatty liver due to consumption of sugar and sweeteners is too large.

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Moreover, children who suffer from premature obesity also face the risk of growing up with hypertension, vascular atherosclerosis, even cerebrovascular accidents, serious health effects.

What to do to limit the child's condition to being obese?

. DR. Tran Thuy Nga (National Institute of Nutrition) said, to limit the child to being overweight, obesity tends to increase, first of all, need to strengthen educational communication at home and school of health care and balanced nutrition , reasonable prevention of overweight obesity.

In it, it is recommended to reduce the consumption of refined sugar, reasonably use the food source of high-protein; At the same time controlling the child's weight; Enhance physical activity, reduce static activity time for children both at school and at home.

Specific jobs parents should take as:

-Breastfeed immediately after laying and continue feeding up to 18-24 months.

-Feeding children combine many foods, the balanced diet is reasonable to ensure nutritional needs by age.

-Feeding the child on time according to meals.

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-Do not let children drink carbonated soft drinks.

-Limit the type of confectionery, bile sugar, condensed milk cream with sugar.

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-Should not reserve foods rich in energy such as butter, cheese, cake, candy, ice cream, fresh water in the house.

-Do not let your child eat much at night before bedtime.

-Do not catch too much children, so create conditions for children to have fun running jumping after stressful school hours.

-Enhancing physical activity for children. Encourage your child to participate in sports such as walking, running, skipping rope, football, badminton, ice-hockey, swimming.

-Guide children to live active, join to do the work at home: Cleaning the house, water and watering plants, furniture.

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-Limited to watching television, video games for too long.


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