The alcoholic drinkers only harm the liver, but new pancreatitis is a lethal disease ' untimely '

The most deaths

The gloomy atmosphere, the sigh, the shaking of the head of a relative is what is going on in the room dedicated to treating patients with cirrhosis, acute pancreatitis, chronic pancreatitis in the digestive department, hospital Thanh Nhan.

Ms. Le Thi Hoa (Hai ba Trung, Ha Noi) went to the liver cirrhosis of the wine say, "the patient in this room is full of alcohol to the Institute".

His response to Ms. Nguyen Van Thang (43, Hanoi) shared, more than 10 years of drinking, but first came to the Institute in the state of "birth", the moment he feared he could not go home but had to meet the ancestors.

Previously, he had just thought of drinking wine to have fun with his friends, making relationships, he never thought that alcohol could lead him to illness even death.

He won the share, each day he drank about 300ml/day. During the past holiday, due to a long time meeting with friends on the day not to meet to Han, he drank wine – beer more and more often, that made him win to be hospitalized.

He wins to the institute with symptoms of nausea, epigastric pain.

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The patient is being examination by the doctor.

"I think the stomach ache bought the treatment pills, however the symptoms were not relieved," he won said.

When he wins the abdominal pain to the point of sitting in the belly squatting, hot but also not reduce the pain, then you come to the clinic. In the hospital through the test results and tests he won was diagnosed with acute pancreatitis.

He said, "I first heard about alcohol-grade pancreatitis, before I just heard a lot about alcohol-cirrhosis pathology. The doctor explains the dangerous degree of acute pancreatitis I actually "cold people". I do not suspect drinking alcohol can cause such dangerous illness. "

Experiencing the pain, having witnessed the patients of alcohol-acute pancreatitis forever can not wake up with his family new wins really regrets.

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"I was really afraid, when I witnessed the deaths" do not keep up "due to alcohol," he won said.

40 years of age as a driving profession, Mr. Nguyen Tien Nam (Taurus, Hanoi) is treating chronic pancreatic hospital. Brother Nam said, the disease has been corrosive to health, causing his body to become increasingly depleted, the quality of his life is increasingly poor, nuisance, fatigue and extremely costly. The prognosis of his life is unknown, it can be "gone" at any time.

Brother Nam shared: "A lot of money is not able to afford the health".

Dr. Le Duong Tien, Department of digestion, Thanh Nhan hospital who directly treated patients to win said, patients to the institute due to symptoms of abdominal pain, test of high pancreatic yeast increases more than 3 times normal, pancreatitis , loud pancreatic head, CT Scan-scaner abdominal acute pancreatitis banthaza D.

Immediately the patient has been treated fasting, relieve pain under the ranks of the pain scale, reduce the increase in discharge, intravenous nutrition, after treatment 4-5 days patients support pain and begin to eat again. After, the patient's acute pancreatitis is more aware of a consequence of pancreatitis

In the case of male patients, patients with acute pancreatitis repeatedly re-develop the disease progressing into chronic pancreatitis. Treatment of chronic pancreatitis is very expensive because of pancreatic yeast replacement drugs and other complementary treatments that are highly cost. The living prognosis of these patients is very reserved.

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The Doctor's Obsession

Acute pancreatitis is actually a "haunting" disease for digestive physicians when treating patients with alcohol abuse. It is the first seen deaths in a few years (chronic pancreatitis) or death in just a few days, a few hours.

Dr. Tien has witnessed and treated many patients with severe acute pancreatitis, especially if they are able to necrosis the patient despite treatment very early, aggressive from the start but also not through.

"Do not drain 100% to only 1% of life", the doctor said.

"Acute pancreatitis, the spinal cord necrosis of the prognosis is very bad even if treated actively, the chances of life of patients are very fragile. Therefore, do not run out of 100% for only 1% of life, Dr. Tien shared.

The cost of treatment will depend on the mild severity of the disease. For patients suffering from mild acute pancreatitis, the treatment of pain relief is also possible. But there is a patient every day takes 25-30 million/day, but it is not yet.

Currently, approximately 70% of patients have pancreatitis, the leading cause of alcohol. When drinking too much alcohol, causing pancreatic damage, metabolic disorders. At this the pancreatic yeast will be activated, the pancreatic yeast destroys the pancreas and neighboring organs near it, resulting in multiple organ failure, the patient is very easy to fatality.

"Enzymes, essentially a powerful acid that burns surrounding organs and the primary destruction," says Dr.

Pancreatic epidemic involved in the process of digestion, traumatized patients will have symptoms such as: epigastric pain and left rib, pain piercing the back, nausea vomiting, abdominal distension... Heavier patients may have a bacterial shock that leads to hypotension, severe metabolic acidosis, coma and death.

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Dr. Tien recommends, the number of patients with pancreatitis, due to the current growing alcohol and it accounts for about 20-30% of gastrointestinal diseases treated in the department.

"Vietnam is one of the many countries that use alcohol. There are many harmful effects if used for years and continuously. Alcohol, beer can cause chronic liver damage, alcohol-induced cirrhosis, liver cancer. Another serious pathology is alcoholic acute pancreatitis.

Alcohol intake is the most effective way to prevention of acute pancreatitis. When drinking many alcohol has abdominal pain symptoms, epigastric pain... You need to visit early, "Dr. Tien said.


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