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The alcoholic drinkers only harm the liver, but new pancreatitis is a lethal disease ' untimely '

The most deaths

The gloomy atmosphere, the sigh, the shaking of the head of a relative is what is going on in the room dedicated to treating patients with cirrhosis, acute pancreatitis, chronic pancreatitis in the digestive department, hospital Thanh Nhan.

Ms. Le Thi Hoa (Hai ba Trung, Ha Noi) went to the liver cirrhosis of the wine say, "the patient in this room is full of alcohol to the Institute".

His response to Ms. Nguyen Van Thang (43, Hanoi) shared, more than 10 years of drinking, but first came to the Institute in the state of "birth", the moment he feared he could not go home but had to meet the ancestors.

Previously, he had just thought of drinking wine to have fun with his friends, making relationships, he never thought that alcohol could lead him to illness even death.

He won the share, each day he drank about 300ml/day. During the past holiday, due to a long time meeting with friends on the day not to meet to Han, he drank wine – beer more and more often, t…