Should urination be urinating immediately?

Quite a lot of people have habits: every sadness is urinating immediately, because the anxiety of fasting will harm kidney function. But this is the wrong perspective as it will cause the bladder syndrome to increase activity. 

DR. Bui Scene Vin – Specialist in male studies (Medlatec Hospital) said that the increased bladder syndrome is understood as when the threshold for irritation of the urinary bladder is smaller than normal. With an ordinary person, when the bladder contains from 300-500 ml is the threshold for irritation that leads to urinary distress. However there are cases where the threshold only reaches 47 ml (by 1/6 ordinary people) already has irritation of urination, which causes the patient to take more urination than the normal person.

In his case H.T. Đ (43 years old, Hoan Kiem, Ha Noi) recently in the examination Medlatec, treatment is one of the victims from the habit of many people. According to the words, he was about 20-30 minutes, he had to go urine 1 time. Daytime must go urinating beyond 30 times, night must also get up 6-7 times for urination. Every sad little brother must go to urine immediately if not will not withstand. As a result, his activities have also been influenced by the many years that do not want to go anywhere because they are just busy urinating, even when visiting the hospital.

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After doing tests such as renal liver function, ultrasound and radiography of the urinary tract... of normal English, doctors exclude the possibility of pathologies such as diabetes and other urinary tract diseases. After that, he was assigned to measure bladder capacity when urinating and volume of urine residual after urinating. With a residual amount of urine equal to 0 ml, the bladder capacity when urinating is 47 ml, the doctor concludes that he acquired an active bladder syndrome (excessive activity of the bladder).

Hyperactive bladder syndrome causes many effects on living. Artwork

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According to the Vietnam Urology Society, the bladder increases the activation of dysfunction of urination with symptoms such as folding urination, repeated urination, multiple times, difficulty in fasting urinary incontinence, severe cases of enuresis. When sorrowful urination that passes immediately to the bad habit, will cause the excitation threshold of the bladder to diminishing, and may be one of the causes that leads to increased bladder functioning.

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Increased bladder syndrome is not dangerous to patient health, but greatly affects the quality of life. At the same time experts affirm, fasting affects the bladder directly without affecting the function of the kidneys as many still think.

According to experts, with patients with bladder syndrome increases activation for normal operation should use behavioral interventions aimed at restoring bladder function, aimed at increasing the excitation threshold of the bladder. The patient needs to adjust the amount of drinking water accordingly, limiting the water in the evening. Scheduled cleaning exercises, it is necessary to have an urination plan every 2-4 hours rather than when feeling tenesmus urinating.

Performing a number of fast exercises increases the duration between the two times urinating. Sad urination is not urinating right that needs:

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Folding pliers and urination control: Calm down, sit down abdominal muscles, breathe deeply and relax, how distracting the sensation of urinating is active simultaneously.

Set to make sure pelvic floor muscle: Kegel exercises. Exercises that enhance the power of the pelvic floor muscles can help to prevent non-autonomous contractions of the bladder.

Record and track based on urinating logs. If the case is poor or does not respond to specialists, you will be able to visit specific treatment.


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