BS Warning 5 habits you should change immediately because of the possible "raising big" throat cancer cells

In recent years, the incidence of patients with throat cancer is increasing and many people with this disease have a habit of eating mistakes that last long without knowing.

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According to the doctor in favor of pants, oncology Department, Central South University (TQ) shared on the family Doctor Channel (TQ), if you maintain the habit of eating current popular dishes such as smoked bacon, sour pickles and other processed food available Often, it can cause cancer of the nasopharynx, the risk of ascending over time.

Therefore, experts advise that, keep away from the poor eating habits that can cause cancer of the nasopharynx. Should do a good job of healthcare by healthy diets to make throat cancer not to attack yourself.

5 Eating habits can cause cancer of the throat you need to avoid right

1, do not eat food that has mold, transformer

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Foods such as rice, corn, and stray in house are prone to mold and rapid deformation. After a mold infection, various carcinogenic poisens are born, so when people eat it will easily risk leading to cancer.

In any situation, you should also avoid eating such mold and chemical foods.

2, clean sanitation of containers and tea dispensers

Many people prefer to drink tea for any time of the day, but if you do not clean the cups and tea utensils immediately after drinking tea, there will be water stains saved in the cup. These scales contain lead, arsenic and other harmful metals, which are considered carcinogens that exist on the tea-drinking instrument.

So, if you drink this cup or teapot for a long time, it will cause pathological changes in the organs of the body, and the risk of throat cancer will increase. Therefore, tea-making facilities must be cleaned and kept in time.

3, do not eat the rotten fruits and vegetables, even a part

If the fruit is in the house so long, it will rot and the microorganisms that grow on the rotten fruits will be more at risk of creating various harmful substances during the metabolism, especially carcinogens will from which that multiply Up quickly.

Experts recommend that, if fruits or vegetables are rotten, then it is best not to eat, since they are not only harmful, but also bring a bad effect to the body, as we regret it is often too late.

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4, do not eat fried chips too frequently

If fried food is cooked long ago in hot oil will be susceptible to carcinogenic if you constantly eat for a long time.

A lot of fried foods such as cakes, rotten tofu, fried dough sticks and chips go fried with oil used many times, often containing carcinogenic decomposition when maintained at high temperatures

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Therefore, you should not eat a lot of fried foods, otherwise it will increase the risk of cancer.

5, do not eat leftodish to overnight

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Nowadays, in order not to waste, many people will put the leftodish of the night before to continue eating the next day. This is a common habit, but regrettable that the overnight dish will produce nitrite, which continues to be transformed into a nitrite amino carcinogenic substance in the human body.

And this will make the risk of your cancer higher than time, causing more serious damage to your body.

If you want to keep your body healthy and you don't want to get in trouble because of throat cancer, soon pay attention to the points to pay attention to in the diet.

Every day, the best habit is to eat more lightly, avoid eating bacon, frying. The dishes in each meal need to ensure a balanced nutrition to maintain good health.


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