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BS Warning 5 habits you should change immediately because of the possible "raising big" throat cancer cells

In recent years, the incidence of patients with throat cancer is increasing and many people with this disease have a habit of eating mistakes that last long without knowing.

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According to the doctor in favor of pants, oncology Department, Central South University (TQ) shared on the family Doctor Channel (TQ), if you maintain the habit of eating current popular dishes such as smoked bacon, sour pickles and other processed food available Often, it can cause cancer of the nasopharynx, the risk of ascending over time.

Therefore, experts advise that, keep away from the poor eating habits that can cause cancer of the nasopharynx. Should do a good job of healthcare by healthy diets to make throat cancer not to attack yourself.

5 Eating habits can cause cancer of the throat you need to avoid right

1, do not eat food that has mold, transformer

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Foods such as rice, corn, and stray in house are prone to mold and rapid deformation. After a mold infec…