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Book further hope for cancer patients

With side effects when treating patients with

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Bs. DR. Daisuke Tachikawa always concerns the level of danger, devastating the health of cancer and the number of people with cancer is increasing. Therefore, he does not stop researching treatments that can help patients improve their health conditions. He returned to the mission of his career, motivated him to learn, study and practice medicine in the years 1990.

Surgical methods, chemotherapy, radiation therapy was concerned by BS Daisuke Tachikawa, however, the course of treatment in these forms can cause side effects. Among those treated by chemotherapy or radiotherapy, he noticed that extracts of Agaricus fungi have the ability to support a decrease in the inhibition of bone marrow (also known as a decrease in white cells). From here, he began to put confidence in functional food and began to study about it.

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In addition to Agaricus fungi, during research studies, the Doctor also accidenta…