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Fantasy breasted woman right side big side small, 4 years after the new girl knows the truth

4 years ago, Chen Yu (now 18 years old) noticed the two sides asymmetrical breasts, her left chest is bigger than the right chest. However, when she asked her to ask her, she said that it is the normal manifestation of puberty and every woman will have two breasts that are not equal, so Chen Yu is no longer in mind.

After some time, Chen Yu discovered that the left chest was growing and that the asymmetry was markedly visible. Whenever she was active, she was breathing, very tired, which caused many inconvenience to the life of the girl.

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When she went to college, Chen Yu decided to visit the doctor and discovered there was a large breasts in the left chest. According to Dr. Liu Yuchun-The surgical Faculty of Changsha Central Hospital, Hunan (China), the breast tumor on the left of the girl is very hard, appears quite clearly, fills the chest, skin around the reddish. After entering the hospital, doctors actively improved the health status of Chen Yu before proce…