What does the male drug help the actor, Le Khanh, cut the cough during pregnancy?

However, according to the actress she did not use the Western medicine to cut the cough that drank the thick-leaf water (the scientific name is Plectranthus Amboinicus) to retire with some salt. The cough is reduced gradually after 2-3 days of application of this drug and is exhaustively after 5 days.

Actress, MC "for the love that comes" radiant belly

So what is the thick qin that helped Mrs. Le Khanh to cut the cough? We are pleased to refer you to the reader.

What is a medicinal plant?

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The thick-leaf of the Lamiaceae (LIP), commonly known as lime basil or vegetables. Usually the basil leaves will be used for making tea, combined in some Oriental medicine articles.

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Heavy Leaf (basil)

The thick-earthen leaves are herbaceous, biological and developed for many years, the stem of the tree is woody, the leaf sections are opposite and have a wide oval, growing cotton of the body and head. The plant also has fruit, with a rounded shape, brown, containing seeds and occasional lime smell.

Qin leaves are harvested all year round, flowers and berries appear in January 4-5 annually. Can take advantage of the parts of the tree for various purposes.

4 post-treatment drugs, cough, sore throats, headache, thick-frequency fever

In the frequency of thick leaves contain some of the following ingredients: Colein and essential oils contain carvacrol substances. In folk, the frequency of leaf has the effect of spreading the weld, pepper sputum, antiseptic, used to cure cough, sore throat, flu, asthma, fever... Here are 4 post-treatment drugs, cough, sore throats, headaches, fever from the frequency of thick leaves according to Oriental Medicine. However, when applicable, it is advisable to refer to the opinion of Oriental physicians.

Basil is not just a vegetable spice but also a medicinal plant that helps to treat effective cough.

Heat cure cough, sore throats, hoarseness

Thick leaf 20g, alum 20g sugar. Chop the thick of the leaf, then mix it all with 10ml of boiling water to give it, then take the drink 2 times a day.

Or 20g fresh-frequency vegetable leaves, chopped rinse; Sugar alum 20g. For 2 things in bowls, hydrolysis, water for drinking slowly; Can eat or swallow water. Every day do 1 time, continuously 3-5 days.

Phlegmonous cough medicines with thick leaves

1 to hold a thick leaf, 4-5 green Tangerine. Puree all with blender. Add just enough alum, steamed water way about 20 minutes, drink continuously 1-2 times, every day until the end of cough.

Articles of Korean remedy, cough, headache, fever without sweating, bitter mouth:

Thick qin Leaf 1 grip, perilla leaves 8g, mint 5g, fresh ginger 3 slices thin. Cooking on a ladder.

Long-term cough, blood capital:

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20-40g fresh chopped vegetable leaves; Chicken egg 1-2 fruit, pounding yolk. Give two things to the mixing bowl. Adults eat 2 times a day, children of age are divided into feeding several times a day.

Feeling, cough, headache, shoulder pain, runny nose, bitter mouth, fever... And do not sweat: fresh lime basil leaves about 50g, rinse chopped, for white wine in the medium, stir tightly. Cook a boiling water cooker for a boil (it is possible for more aromatic foliage such as lemon, lemongrass...), when boiling water for vegetable bowl, seal the lid, cook 5 minutes (boiling water) to bring the sick. When the sauna is closed, wipe the sweat thoroughly and change clothes; Adult only, not for children.

Other uses of the Thick qin leaf

In addition to treating cough, thick qin also apply the following diseases:

When children are high due to exposure to sun or water: Fresh vegetable leaves are crushed for a little salt and some boiling water to cool, squeezed water for children to drink about 1 teaspoon. Or put in less vinegar or alcohol throughout your child.

Cure halitosis: Take a handful of dry, dense, and often-hydrated vegetable leaves and rinse your mouth during the day.

When ulcerated with oral mucosa, the tongue: taking 12g of fresh frequency vegetables, 20g of fragrant vegetables, pickled brine, chewing swallowing water.

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Cure Skin Allergies: Use 15g dried vegetables, pour 2 cups of water, and 1 cup, and drink 3 times a day. Use 1 to hold fresh vegetables, rinse, smash, mix some salt particles, rub or apply to the swelling.

Thick-Qin leaves are perfectly benign for both small children and adults, which can be used at home to treat mild illnesses. However, if the child has more severe and serious signs of disease, parents need to take the child to see the doctor for immediate treatment, not to treat themselves at home can cause serious complications.


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