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What happens if it's fasting all day?

Fasting is a long-standing part of many religious traditions, including Yom Kippur ceremony of Judaism and Ramadan of Islam. A fasting type called constant fasting has also become a popular weight loss tool.

Many studies have looked at the benefits and risks of feeding in a day, including its effects on weight loss.

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What happens during fasting?

Whether it's fasting or not, your body still needs energy. The body's main energy source is a sugar called glucose, which is often derived from carbohydrates, including cereals, dairy products, fruits, some vegetables, beans and even sweets.

The liver and muscles store glucose and release it into the bloodstream whenever the body needs it.

However, during fasting, this process varies. After about 8 hours of fasting, the liver will use its final glucose reserve amount. At this time, the body enters the state called gluconeogenesis (Tan-form glucose), marking the transition of the body into the fasting model.

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What does the male drug help the actor, Le Khanh, cut the cough during pregnancy?

However, according to the actress she did not use the Western medicine to cut the cough that drank the thick-leaf water (the scientific name is Plectranthus Amboinicus) to retire with some salt. The cough is reduced gradually after 2-3 days of application of this drug and is exhaustively after 5 days.

Actress, MC "for the love that comes" radiant belly

So what is the thick qin that helped Mrs. Le Khanh to cut the cough? We are pleased to refer you to the reader.

What is a medicinal plant?

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The thick-leaf of the Lamiaceae (LIP), commonly known as lime basil or vegetables. Usually the basil leaves will be used for making tea, combined in some Oriental medicine articles.

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Heavy Leaf (basil)

The thick-earthen leaves are herbaceous, biological and developed for many years, the stem of the tree is woody, the leaf sections are opposite and have a wide oval, growing cotton of the body and head. The plant also has fruit, with…