Weakness of the body for herbal weight loss safety Mai Anh

Photos of the herbal weight loss Mai ANH products provided by readers. Photo: ĐGCC

Stun, dry lips, skin pale because of weight loss

The fanpage is titled "Beauty with the next morning", Sister D. O has been consulted in detail about the use of weight loss products called "cherry Herbal Weight Loss": Having a complete composition from nature, no adverse effects affect health. In particular, the product also helps to slim the body, reduce belly fat, slim thighs. Sister D. O shared: "This Fanpage also sends me images of customer-use feedback, having dropped from 70kg to 58kg after 1 course. There are even customers taking 5 tablets that have fallen 2, 7kg. Due to too trust I ordered a 1 box with the price being promoted from 600,000 to 380,000 copper. But, only for the 3rd day, my body had strange signs. "

Accordingly, after using the herb on the second day, sister D. O has diarrhea, to the 3rd day, the number of times diarrhea increases. "The sitting time in the toilet too much makes me unable to remember how many times starts from the 3rd day onwards. I had to take a vacation, no feeling of hunger or appetite while losing a lot of water. I am always in stunned, dry lips, pale skin "– sister D. O pressing.

"That when purchasing, they commit this herb to safety 100%, without affecting health. When they were, they said they would support consultation and follow up with customers during their use. But when I feedback about the side effects of the product they did not answer my questions. "

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"In the course of the consultation, the seller also did not ask me about the history of the disease or what drugs are currently using? Even referred to this product as "pills" and praised the amazing effects that "pills" will bring. To activate, the consultant said, if I buy 2 boxes, they will promote additional 1 box "– Sister D. O further information.

Similar to Sister D. O, after the use of the herbal weight loss in Mai Anh, da Huong L (35 years old, in Nguyen Trai, Thanh Xuan) is slumping, wrinkled. According to Ms. Huong L: "I reduced the weight is pronounced but very weak because after taking the drug I have diarrhea all week, fatigue, anorexia leads to weakness of the body. Currently, I am required to exercise nutrition as directed by a nutritionist to restore health. The doctor said I drank the poor quality weight loss tea. So I very much want to unit market management in order to clarify about this product ".

Serious violations of labeling provisions

Mrs. D. O who used Mai Anh weight loss tea.

In the Government decree 43/2017 of the label of goods specified, the content required to be present on the label of goods including: the name of the goods; Name and address of organization, individual responsible for goods; quantitative goods; Date of manufacture, shelf life; Warning information... However, Mai Anh weight Loss Herbal product label does not write personally responsible, alert information to customers.

Observe the supplied readers, Mai Anh herbal weight Loss box, the front has pictures girls are holding the measure of the second round wire with the words "Herbal weight loss Mai Anh-safe Beautiful skin, made in Vietnam"; The back of the inscription "Weight loss of natural herbal safety-specializes in weight loss consultant, safety consultant, beautiful skin: Hotline, Zalo: 0961961865"; Under the bottom of the shelf-life box, the production facility information is in Xom oc, son commune, Kim Boi district, Hoa Binh.

In the manual inside the box re-recorded as "Mai Anh herbal Weight loss pills": ingredients entirely from nature with general information unknown dosage: "Starch, golden Reishi, Lotus leaf, Vera, bitter melon...". In this section, there are additional information such as: "Reduction of 5 – 9kg of course in 1 month; 100% nature, no side effects; is cut by the famous Vietnamese medical salary. Mai Anh Herbal Weight loss pills are processed by advanced technology with pure natural herbs ".

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Below write the weight loss uses quite fine: "Accelerate the process of weight loss, ruddy skin, create a feeling of satiety, reduce fatty sensation, support solution for the treatment of digestive diseases, balance of intestinal enzymes, hepatotoxicity , kidney purifies the body, giving the body strong from inside "...

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As customers need to use Mai Anh weight loss products, PV has been supplied by distributors in Hanoi to provide customer feedback image of product quality. In order to demonstrate that the product has been safely tested, this distributor provides additional results from the microbiological testing of the technical Center for Quality measurement Standards 3. However, when PV refers to the product's legal record and distributor's responsibilities to customer health, the sales representative has not responded.

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At the same time, when PV referred to the unit's responsibilities to the health of the client being side-effects with this herbal weight loss, the person who recognized himself as the Mai ANH Herbal representative refused to respond.

Lose weight with extremely harmful dehydration for health

According to Th.s.BS le Thi Hai-Nguyen director of the Center for Nutrition Examination and Counseling, National Institute of Nutrition, weight loss products such as tea or herbs belong to the weight loss group by dehydration. By having up to 60 – 70% of the body weight is water so when dehydration, the body weight will be markedly reduced. Dehydration (diarrhea) will be extremely harmful by water that plays an important role in the metabolism, transportation of nutrient feed cells, air conditioning, body temperature, waste... We will die if we lose 20% water over the total water weight in the body. Therefore, this way of weight loss is easy to bring to a unimpressive outcome for physique and health, simply because not impact hit the culprit causes weight gain is white fat.

Products not enough legal basis circulating in the market

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