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Weakness of the body for herbal weight loss safety Mai Anh

Photos of the herbal weight loss Mai ANH products provided by readers. Photo: ĐGCC

Stun, dry lips, skin pale because of weight loss

The fanpage is titled "Beauty with the next morning", Sister D. O has been consulted in detail about the use of weight loss products called "cherry Herbal Weight Loss": Having a complete composition from nature, no adverse effects affect health. In particular, the product also helps to slim the body, reduce belly fat, slim thighs. Sister D. O shared: "This Fanpage also sends me images of customer-use feedback, having dropped from 70kg to 58kg after 1 course. There are even customers taking 5 tablets that have fallen 2, 7kg. Due to too trust I ordered a 1 box with the price being promoted from 600,000 to 380,000 copper. But, only for the 3rd day, my body had strange signs. "

Accordingly, after using the herb on the second day, sister D. O has diarrhea, to the 3rd day, the number of times diarrhea increases. "The sitting time…