5 simplicity reduces the risk of stroke who also performs easily

5 simple things each person can make easy, that is the proper diet, exercise, check blood pressure, stop smoking and make meals simpler.

Exercise every day

Physical activity improves heart and fat function by lowering total cholesterol, lowers blood pressure and heart rate at rest, reduces the risk and severity of diabetes by increasing insulin sensitivity. Physical activity also helps to improve the health, balance, durability and long-term brain health.

In addition to the physical benefits, exercise can enhance self-confidence, relieve stress, depression and anxiety.

Balancing the amount of energy fed into and exercising strength every day will help maintain the best body weight. Walk or set other physical activities at least 30 minutes a day, for weight loss, burn energy on a daily basis.

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Stroke is extremely dangerous disease

Blood pressure test

High blood pressure may not be symptomatic. The only way to know his high blood pressure is to measure blood pressure. If high blood pressure, you should have diet, exercise, if that does not effect, it is necessary to take blood pressure stabilizers prescribed by the doctor.

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Stop Smoking

Tobacco is one of the deepest causes that lead to strokes and many other diseases, so it is necessary to be determined to give up tobacco.

Healthy diet

In order to have enough nutrients for the body, according to experts, it is recommended to choose foods such as vegetables, fruits, whole grain products and non-fat or low-fat dairy products.

The risk of causing stroke disease

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When eating a variety of fruits and vegetables can help you to well control your weight and blood pressure as it has many vitamins, minerals and fiber.

Unrefined whole grain foods that contain fiber can help lower your blood cholesterol and help you feel satiety, which can help you take control of your weight.

Eat fish at least twice a week. Research suggests that eating fish oil containing omega-3 fatty acids (e.g. salmon, herring) can help reduce the risk of death caused by coronary artery disease.

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Limit the intake of foods and beverages that contain high amounts of energy but less nutrients, and limit saturated fats, metabolic fats, cholesterol and sodium. Choose lean meat and poultry meat without adding saturated fats and metabolic fats.

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Make meals easier

Can be divided into several meals during the day, when eating slowly and comfortably during meals. It is advisable to have a healthy snack or a meal during the day. A good diet for the heart is also good for your brain.


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