Dai Dong Clinic: Gynecological examination outside the hour in HCMC Hcm

Understanding that, the Da Dong 461 polyclinics, the Republic-Ward 15, Tan Binh Dist.-HCM was born with flexible working hours from 8h – 20h hours all weekdays, including holidays/tet should be very convenient for your visit.

This is currently the address of gynecological examination outside of prestigious, the quality of many sisters in Go Vap District, District 12, Tan Binh Dist. As well as the neighboring provinces to choose to visit and treat illnesses.

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The clinic is currently implementing examination, counseling and supporting the treatment of gynecological diseases such as: vulmopathy, vagina, cervical pathologies, menstrual disorders, egg faucet disease, infertility – rarely,...

With just a few taps, call Hotline: 028 3592 1666 or click on the live Chat board on the website that the patient can book an appointment first, no need to queue, wait as in the hospital or other clinics.

Dai Dong Clinic: Gynecological examination outside the hour in HCMC HCM convergence of outstanding elements:

-Public activities: The General Department of Oriental Clinic is officially licensed by the Department of Health, so patients can safely visit and treat.

-Flexible examination time: The Great Eastern Clinic works from 8h – 20h all day of the week, including holidays. Therefore, sisters will be more active when arranging time to go to the hospital, moreover not queue waiting.

-The cost of the medical examination does not change: all inspection and visitation costs in the General department will be covered according to the true value of the sick. Depending on the condition (severe or mild), the,... test method of each person that the cost of the disease is spread. Not based on the time outside of the clinic, so the patient can be assured.

-There is always a gynecologist: Despite an overtime examination, while at the Great East Clinic there are doctors who are good, experienced with integrity. When necessary will be ready to serve patients.

-Facilities and medical equipment ensure quality: The clinic is equipped with modern equipment with a full range of medical equipments imported from abroad, ensuring the best service for the needs of the disease.

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-Applying the Advanced method of treatment: Always put the patient's health to the top so the clinic applies the methods of modern and advanced treatment, advanced and latest in treating all types of diseases.

-Privacy Guarantee: All information of the sick person is prescribed by the Security clinic in order to ensure privacy, making it more comfortable for everyone to treat.

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The convergence of all of these factors has brought to a prestigious, quality and professional Polyclinic clinic in the eyes of all patients.

To register and schedule a gynecological examination outside of office hours at the General East Clinic, you only need to contact:

Dai Dong Polyclinic

Address: 461 Cong HOA – Ward 15 – Tan Binh Dist. – HCM CITY

Website: http://dakhoadaidong.vn/

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Hotline: 028 38 831 888 (FREE consultation 24/24)


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