How to wipe your child with a fever without pneumonia?

Do not use cold water to wipe your child's cool

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Recently, the story of a young mother sharing on social media about nearly losing their children when using cold water wipe the fever for the child who has attracted the interest of many parents, especially mothers who are raising small children.

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While waiting for the husband to buy antipyretic drugs, the mother because of the intestinal fever when the child is increasingly fever, decided to take the thin cloth wrapped a few small stones and then apply to the face, neck and inguinal area of the In a few moments later, she from the "hot as fire" state turned purple, rigors, and signs of mild seizures. At this, the new mother nurse hired the car for emergency. After receiving and visiting, the doctor said that the child with thermal shock from the body is at a high level (more than 390C) being exposed suddenly to ice (very low temperature) should cause the reaction. Thankfully, the baby is given an emergency, so it's not dangerous to life. According to the doctor, the cold work when being fever is a mistake, very dangerous, especially for young children.

After sharing the story with remorse about making ignorance close to harm to the child, the mother received a lot of feedback from the other parents. In it, the majority of the viewpoint expresses understanding with "master gauge" and the warning should be cautious when dealing with similar situations.

Sharing about this issue, TS.BS Tran Thi Hoang, deputy director of Da Nang Hospital of Pediatrics said: Usually, the temperature of the human body fluctuates between 36.5-37, 50C. When the temperature is between 37.5-38, 50C is mild fever; From 38.5-390C is a medium sauce; 39-400C is high fever; Fever is very high when body temperature reaches the threshold above 400C. According to BS Tran Thi Hoang: Due to its weak resistance and body Conditioning center in the body is not fully developed, young children are very susceptible to fever and can suffer from very high fever.

DR. Tran Thi Hoang adds that when children suffer from mild fever, parents should not be too worried, so they should give them a lot of water and pay attention to their intimate observations. If the child has a medium fever, parents give the child a wide clothing, placing the child in a cool place, and give the child an antipyretic medication in accordance with indications. Besides, it is possible to use the antipyretic cleaning method. However, parents should keep in mind, so do not clean the fever for children with warm water, do not use the coldest water is ice. Because, the process of altering the temperature of the body must have a certain adaptation. Sudden hypothermia will occur with unexpected effects such as respiratory failure, heart failure, severe pneumonia, and so on. Severely affects the child's immature health. Where the child has been taking antipyretic, clean, but still high-fever, parents should take the child to the nearest medical facility to be treated by doctors promptly.

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Proper care when a child has a fever

Specialists recommend that children take antipyretic drugs when they have fever above 38, 50C. The selected drug is Paracetamol, as this is an easy-to-use antipyretic effect, which will often have an antipyretic effect of 30 minutes after use and lasts from 4-6 hours. It is necessary to allow the child to drink the correct dose of 10-15mg/kg/time, repeat after 4 hours if the fever is used 3-4 times/day, the maximum total dose is not exceeding 60mg/kg/day.

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Besides, the importance of parents to do is to replenish the child's body. Strengthen the energy and vitamins needed for your child. For example, for children who are nursing mothers, it is possible to breastfeed a variety of meals. With older children, it is possible to compensate for nutrients by giving them a variety of nutritious fruit juices or multi-vitamin C-vitamins and B vitamins. There should be thermometers to monitor the temperature change in a child , from which the method of processing is timely.

For children with high fever, DR Tran Thi Hoang recommends that it is absolutely not to cover thick blankets or wear tight clothing for the child. This medium causes children to grow taller, they are difficult to lower, and they are prone to sweating and cold back to the body. Besides, do not use cold ice to wipe off the fever for children, avoiding the risk of children with thermal shock, heavier than cold burns and can cause seizures. Also, do not wipe the cold towel on the chest area for the child as it may increase the risk of pneumonia, while not shaving the wind when the child is suffering from a high fever because it is easy to lead to blood circulation disorder which causes the child's body , causing a higher fever.

Clean your baby's fever properly

According to Dr. Nguyen Thi Phuong Thuy, Ho Chi Minh City Medical Center, to conduct a cool cleaning for children, parents need to prepare 5 clean towels and a warm pot of water (made half hot water and half cold water). Dip all five towels in the water basin and squeeze slightly. Use two wipes in two axillary relief, two wipes in two inguinal and one washcloth throughout the person. A 2-3 minute change of towel once. 15 minutes to check the temperature of the child; Stop cleaning when the temperature drops below 38, 50C. Then, proceed to dry and wear thin clothes for the child.


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