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How to wipe your child with a fever without pneumonia?

Do not use cold water to wipe your child's cool

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Recently, the story of a young mother sharing on social media about nearly losing their children when using cold water wipe the fever for the child who has attracted the interest of many parents, especially mothers who are raising small children.

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While waiting for the husband to buy antipyretic drugs, the mother because of the intestinal fever when the child is increasingly fever, decided to take the thin cloth wrapped a few small stones and then apply to the face, neck and inguinal area of the In a few moments later, she from the "hot as fire" state turned purple, rigors, and signs of mild seizures. At this, the new mother nurse hired the car for emergency. After receiving and visiting, the doctor said that the child with thermal shock from the body is at a high level (more than 390C) being exposed suddenly to ice (very low temperature) should cause the reaction. Tha…