Dying of "lard"... What a joke

Eating more fat does not increase cardiovascular disease, and eating less disease also does not decrease, the reason is because fat is not the cause of increasing cancer, cardiovascular disease increases. This is a conclusion drawn from the WHO research work. Yet there are some extremist people, completely cutting fat, especially animal fats during their meals, and this action is incredibly dangerous.

How will the body "transform" without grease?

1. Increase the risk of myocardial infarction

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No less you read here will come out 2 words "not", but please be calm because Vitamin K – an important vitamin that helps to dissolve the vascular pine will not absorb into the body if not dissolved fat. Thereby depleting the function of vascular tissue cells, and vascular obstruction, myocardial infarction or atherosclerosis will enhance activity, which is a sense of incalculation to health.

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No fatty acids in fat if used properly and sufficient dosage will be the substance to help maintain the blood capillaries sustainably, thereby protecting the circulatory system of the body, preventing cerebral hemorrhage.

2. Weak bones, less muscle brittleness

As you know, vitamin D is the key factor in making bones, developing bones... Vitamin D is also a substance that needs to be dissolved in fat. Therefore, the lack of fat will reduce the ability to absorb vitamin D to the bone and the risk of rickets, osteoporosis, easy to fracture when the injury will increase.

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At the same time, vitamin E – also needs to be dissolved in fat, lack of this muscle muscles will be retarded, pushing the body into a state of disorder.

3. Hormonal disorders

A study from Columbia University (USA) suggests that, estrogen in the female body will be interrupted to produce from that cause menstrual disorder if the woman's body is absorbed too little fat. In other words, if the body is not fat enough will cause hormonal disorders in females.

As for men, eating insufficient fat will impede testosterone production ability. This not only reduces the likelihood of "blanket blankets", that even their muscles will suffer serious effects. Therefore, those who exercise science often still have to replenish the full fat in the daily nutritional diet.

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4. Weakness of the body

The Harvard University Community Health Research Institute has shown that, if not eating fat, the body will fall into a severe deficiency in Omega 3, which includes the alpha-linolenic acid group. This is one of the leading causes of weakness in the body that leads to death

Which subjects should be supplemented with grease?

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Only adults, who are outside the age of 50 suffer from the disorder of fat metabolism, an increase in the new uncontrolled cholesterol should be abstinence.

Subject to additional grease include children, especially children under 1 year of age. Adolescents, adults who do not suffer from cholesterol still have to replenish the fat to provide enough nourishment for the body with 1 reasonable regimen.

In addition, animal fats when used to fry in high temperature will be better than edible oil, because cooking oil will be easy to transform and can cause cancer.

Moreover, animal fats have myeline, which forms the nerve cells, the sheath of nerves. In the absence of a nerve defect, especially the eye

Eating fat how much is reasonable?

The best day only consumes 45 – 80 gram fat so that the body is provided with adequate nutrients but also does not harm health.

It is recommended to combine both animal fat and vegetable oil in the daily diet, the best ratio is 7:3 for animal fats and vegetable fats.


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