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Dying of "lard"... What a joke

Eating more fat does not increase cardiovascular disease, and eating less disease also does not decrease, the reason is because fat is not the cause of increasing cancer, cardiovascular disease increases. This is a conclusion drawn from the WHO research work. Yet there are some extremist people, completely cutting fat, especially animal fats during their meals, and this action is incredibly dangerous.

How will the body "transform" without grease?

1. Increase the risk of myocardial infarction

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No less you read here will come out 2 words "not", but please be calm because Vitamin K – an important vitamin that helps to dissolve the vascular pine will not absorb into the body if not dissolved fat. Thereby depleting the function of vascular tissue cells, and vascular obstruction, myocardial infarction or atherosclerosis will enhance activity, which is a sense of incalculation to health.

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No fatty acids in fat if used pro…

Excessive weight loss is prone to dementia


Experts at BV Massachusetts have detected the connection between body weight index with the accumulation of amyloid patches in the brain, triggering brain-destructive disorders.

Researchers have even said that people with age should gain weight, should not overeat because if the body is too lean will lead to Alzheimer's dementia disease.

Studies have also found that the cause of Alzheimer's is associated with weight-strengthening hypotheses for that too lean when age is not good for the brain. This may be because the low BMI is a sign of weakness. Excessive weight loss when the age leads to delayed activity and loss of health to fight disease, maintain the normal functioning of the body.

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This study was part of Harvard's plan for brain aging to identify the causes and symptoms of Alzheimer's disease. Researchers have looked at 280 people aged 62-90, all in good health. After excluding other causes such as age, physiological, educational, the…