6 amazing effects of crocodile with health should not be ignored

Gs.Ts. Do the most favorable in the Book of medicinal plants and the Vietnamese medicine described the scientific crocodile as Drancontomelum duperreanum Pierre, in the family Amacardiaceae.

Oriental Medicine thinks that the crocodile at Green is sour, when the berries are sour, sweet, cool, with the function of living conditions of birth, thirst only, just coughing, consuming sputum, using many diseases such as dry mouth heat thirst , neck itching, sore throat, abortive vomiting, drunkenness, rash, swelling, itching...

1. Treatment of oral heat, thirst, neck itching, sore throat

Take the ripe crocodile in sugar or salt eaten right in the day.

Or take 4 – 6g of crocodile fruit with 2 bowls of water and half a bowl, drink after breakfast. Or 8g dried crocodile's fruit with boiling water during the day. Used in a week.

2. Treating vomiting for pregnant women

Take a soup cooked with a carp or a duck and eat it well.

Or use the same oral and pickled blue crocodile to relieve vomiting, however, it should not be taken as much as it may cause hyperglycemia.

3. Curing cough: There are many ways to use the Cure cough as follows:

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The wort is 15 g fresh, pickled with little salt, the day is 3 – 5 times, it is best to suck in the morning and evening before bedtime.

Or the fresh crocodiles of 25g with 250ml water and 100ml, divided into 2 times, when drinking for more sugar. Drink for 3 days.

Or take the flowers, the decoction with 300ml remaining 100ml water, divided into 2 – 3 times during the day.

Curing cough for children: take the steamed flowers and honey to drink the day several times will be tested.

4. Enhance digestion

Get steamed with a sugar-making beverage during the day. Or use fresh pickle cooked to eat sour right.

5. Drunk Cure

Use 4 – 6g of dried crocodiles to get drinking water or to drink with boiling water. Or take a dip in sugar and ginger to drink very effectively.

6. Treatment of boils and itching

Use fresh leaves to rinse or rinse, crush, and wrap with clean dressings on the acne.

A dish with a crocodile that has a soft heat effect

Vegetable broth, petting vegetable is an appetized dish on hot summer days, with a mild aromatic flavor of the crocodile and the effects of refreshing heat and digestive stimulation.

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Summer fresh crocodile is often used to cook sour broth with lean minced meat, sour rib soup, beef soup, fish soup. Or use OM with the tasty duck meat and detoxification, heat bar.

You can keep the frozen blue crocodile to use year round with the soup cooked in the winter to make the bar, reduce heat in very effective.

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The crocodile beam with ginger, sugar, chili and little tasty fish sauce stimulates taste, makes the meal more delicious, at the same time has a practical effect.

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Ripe crocodiles eat right with a hint of chilli salt as an attractive gift of the little girl but has a very great refreshing effect.

It is a bit more ginger and a few stones will be a refreshing beverage for the summer.

Crocodile, especially delicious crocodile as an unforgettable specialty of Ha Thanh land.

Who should not eat the crocodile and drink the crocodiles

The fresh crocodile often has a sour taste, especially when it is green, people with peptic ulcer disease should avoid fresh crocodile or drinks, with many crocodile dishes.

You should also not eat the crocodile when hungry will cause you to tincture in the abdomen and harm the stomach.

In addition, children under 12 months of age should also limit the use of the crocodile because the digestive system of the child is very sensitive, prone to impact by acidity in the crocodile.

In summer, we often soak in a soft drink.

However, it is soaked with plenty of sugar so if you are drinking many and for days it is not good for health as it can cause hyperglycemia to the risk of diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular...

Selection, preservation and processing of the crocodile

You should choose the kind of tedious cake to come, dark blue, thick elbows, peel somewhat lumpy.

It is not recommended to choose bruises, young crocodiles (smooth green bark, soft nuts) or too old fruit (big nuts, thin crocodiles, only close to peel the fruit is also close to the nuts).

For the storage of the year-round, you need to store your crocodile in the freezer compartment.

Pick the pancakes that are boring, washed, peeled and washed, drained and split into a variety of small pockets and once cooked, so that the fridge freezer can be used annually.

If you are immersed in a crocodile, after picking the best fruit, take the pickle knife separating the elbows and seeds and then fill it with lime water or sour alum water.

Just enough to soak, the white crocodile, crispy in the dip, retains the flavor of aromatic and sour. Make a wash through clean water, dry and pour into a vial.

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Each layer of a crocodile sprinkled with a layer of salt or thin sugar and sealed down the lid and put it in a cool dry place. After about half a month can be used.


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