5 Interesting tips for the clean-up refrigerator of the hot mom Minh Trang

1. Leave your own fruits and vegetables

The majority of fruits and vegetables are divided into two groups: ethylene-gas production group and ethylene gas-sensitive group. So when preserving the general, the food belonging to the "sensitive" group will be more easily ripe and damaged. Understanding this, Minh Trang always stores vegetables and fruits separately.

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She shared "casually watching a food expert advice on TV, I learned that vegetables like lettuce, cauliflower, and carrots are prone to withered and broken if to share with some kind of fruit. Fortunately, the refrigerator has two separate vegetables and fruits, so I can comfortably store fruits and vegetables without fear of lack of place.

2. Storage of vegetable with perforated bag

Minh Trang also noted that mothers avoid "suffocating" vegetables in overly sealed pockets as they would be easier to rot/damaged. She often uses plastic bags that punch small holes so that moisture from vegetables is circulating. She also has another "powerful assistant" in maintaining the freshness of vegetables: the vegetable compartment in her home refrigerator with the moisture balance function and the mesh eye case design can keep the moisture from the vegetables and maintain a reasonable level of moisture, keeping the vegetables fresh for longer.

3. To separate the food of small children

As the mother of two small children, Minh Trang is especially noted for food hygiene for children. She advises the mothers to preserve their food in separate areas in the refrigerator to avoid bacterial contamination.

Having a special feature in the refrigerator home Ming Trang is the door-in-door design, she can leave raw milk, yogurt for children, just convenience, medium isolation with other foods. This unique door also limits cold air to escape too much when closing open cabinets, making sure the food in the cabinet is always fresh.

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4. Labeling for frozen items

Before giving the map into the frozen, Minh Trang always washed or processed through it and added to each small bag, which helped her to retain the nutrient integrity of the food. She also did not forget to label each food bag to track. "I usually clearly label the buy time for each meat or raw fish bag, and try to use it out within 3-5 days," she said. 2 The spacious Freezing Zone compartment in the refrigerator helps her comfortably store fresh living for days without worrying about the smell of other refrigerated food.

5. Boldly remove Food not used

When cleaning the fridge, she advises the mother to strongly remove foods that have long not used or are rotten to make sure the refrigerator clean bacteria. She also usually cleans the refrigerator with baking soda or apple cider vinegar to substitute for soap or harmful cleaning chemicals.

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Minh Trang is also quite reassured with the Hygiene Fresh bactericidal filter, LG's proprietary technology, almost absolute deodorant with 5 filter layers, helping her home fridge always clean bacteria and not be annoyed.

According to the Minh Trang, choosing and using the refrigerator properly is very important, as this is the place to keep food sources for the whole family. With the knowledge of the health she learned and the LG refrigerator with many useful food preservation features, she can safely prepare fresh and safe dishes for the whole house.


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