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5 Interesting tips for the clean-up refrigerator of the hot mom Minh Trang

1. Leave your own fruits and vegetables

The majority of fruits and vegetables are divided into two groups: ethylene-gas production group and ethylene gas-sensitive group. So when preserving the general, the food belonging to the "sensitive" group will be more easily ripe and damaged. Understanding this, Minh Trang always stores vegetables and fruits separately.

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She shared "casually watching a food expert advice on TV, I learned that vegetables like lettuce, cauliflower, and carrots are prone to withered and broken if to share with some kind of fruit. Fortunately, the refrigerator has two separate vegetables and fruits, so I can comfortably store fruits and vegetables without fear of lack of place.

2. Storage of vegetable with perforated bag

Minh Trang also noted that mothers avoid "suffocating" vegetables in overly sealed pockets as they would be easier to rot/damaged. She often uses plastic bags that punch smal…

6 amazing effects of crocodile with health should not be ignored

Gs.Ts. Do the most favorable in the Book of medicinal plants and the Vietnamese medicine described the scientific crocodile as Drancontomelum duperreanum Pierre, in the family Amacardiaceae.

Oriental Medicine thinks that the crocodile at Green is sour, when the berries are sour, sweet, cool, with the function of living conditions of birth, thirst only, just coughing, consuming sputum, using many diseases such as dry mouth heat thirst , neck itching, sore throat, abortive vomiting, drunkenness, rash, swelling, itching...

1. Treatment of oral heat, thirst, neck itching, sore throat

Take the ripe crocodile in sugar or salt eaten right in the day.

Or take 4 – 6g of crocodile fruit with 2 bowls of water and half a bowl, drink after breakfast. Or 8g dried crocodile's fruit with boiling water during the day. Used in a week.

2. Treating vomiting for pregnant women

Take a soup cooked with a carp or a duck and eat it well.

Or use the same oral and pickled blue crocodile to relieve vomiting, howeve…