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The person who has the disease below should say "no" to eggs

Eggs are cheap nutrient rich food sources. An egg is a cell, so it contains almost all the necessary nutrients for the body, including the essential amino acids that the body cannot synthesize.

However in the egg yolks, the duck contains quite a lot of fat and cholesterol. So, with those who have the following disease should consider saying "no" to the egg:


People with fever

Many families have made mistakes when caring for the sick, especially when there are signs of illness, fever, anorexia fatigue often or feeding eggs because they think eggs are healthy, rich in nutrition. However it is erroneous, because in eggs there are a lot of proteins, after eating will create a large heat. People with fever, especially children who eat eggs will make the increased body temperature does not spread out, so the fever is higher and very long.

So, when we have a fever, we should not eat chicken eggs but instead drink plenty of water, fresh vegetables and limit things that contain mo…