Simple ways of early detection of breast cancer

How to early detection of breast cancer

To detect early, when the tumor is small, women can check their breasts on their own every month. The best time for breast-examination is after 5 days.

How to self-examination of breast:

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-In front of the mirror, the two hands swept by the chest view changes in shape and size.

-One hand against the other side twisting and squeezing the breast to show signs of discharge or bleeding.

-You can lie back, left hand put behind the nape, use your fingers to squeeze the mammary gland into the ribs, push up and down to search for a tumor or unusual thick plate (repeat this step with right breast).

-Use the fingertip software to seek lymph nodes in the armpits.

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The breast self-examination steps.

-When you see the tumor or any changes in the breast, it is necessary to immediately visit medical facilities to check and do the necessary tests to accurately diagnose cancer not to receive the earliest treatment. If detected at an early stage, treatment results are good.

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Doctor's advice

From 20 years of age, women are advised to make breast exams once a month and go to a breast exam specialist once a year, especially at high risk subjects such as: Women over 50 years of age; The first relative (mother, sister, daughter) has a disease, the risk is 4 times more; The body has ovarian cancer, endometrial cancer;...

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Breastfeeding is also a preventive remedy for breast cancer.

To reduce the risk of breast cancer, exercise every day and have a healthy diet. Restriction of eating oil with grease; Eat more fresh vegetables containing more fiber and smoothie A, C. Avoid irradiation into the breast, reduce exposure to tobacco smoke and not drink alcohol. Avoid overweight, obesity should not wear too tight undergarments...


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