What does elevated liver enzymes pose?

Without timely control, the concentration of yeast is too high to make the disease worse, the person is at risk of decreasing life expectancy, even death. So how to prevention and effective treatment of elevated liver enzymes?

What is high liver enzymes?

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The liver is a anti-toxic organ of the body, all toxins when entering the body are treated in the liver. Liver cells always suffer from toxic agents. Liver enzymes are a type of enzymes located in liver cells.

When liver cells die due to the aging process, there is a number of liver enzymes that are released into the bloodstream at concentrations below 40UI/L (this is almost fixed in normal humans). Normal liver enzymes have the following indicators: AST: 20-40 UI/L, ALT: 20-40 UI/L, GGT: 20-40UI/L, alkaline phosphatas: 30-110 UI/L. When the higher these indicators are called high hepatic enzymes. For a certain cause such as drinking beer, viral infections, antipyretic drugs, analgesic, blood fat-lowering drugs... Cause the damaged, ruined liver cells to release the yeast into the bloodstream. Then the test will see liver enzymes high.

People with liver disease restrict the carbonated soft drinks, alcohol, beer...

Causes of high hepatic enzymes

People with liver disease restrict the carbonated soft drinks, alcohol, beer...

Hepatitis: Hepatitis due to any etiology causes elevated liver enzymes to spike but hepatitis due to viral groups such as A, B, C, E, D has a very high level of increase and often causes acute inflammation.

Viral liver damage is a very dangerous type of damage because after the virus penetrates the liver cells they produce very quickly, very strongly and destroys the hepatocytes that they penetrate the greater, so the amount of liver enzymes to release as much. Therefore, in cases of acute hepatitis or acute hepatitis or liver cancer, the amount of liver enzymes increases rapidly when up to 5,000 U/L.

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Drinking alcohol, beer: alcohol, beer is a common cause in the case of increasing liver enzymes, especially alcohol, it destroys liver cells, from which liver enzymes increase. The amount of liver enzymes increased in alcoholic beverages, beer depending on the dosage and quality of alcohol, beer. Often when the amount of liver enzymes increase due to alcohol, AST is usually elevated 2-10 times while the amount of ALT increases less.

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Malaria: In malaria, especially malignant malaria, liver enzymes can also be elevated because of the fact that the cells of the liver and kidneys are hurt.

Diseases of the biliary tract: liver enzymes can also increase in diseases of biliary tract such as biliary inflammatory diseases, cholecystitis, biliary tract stones in the liver, congenital biliary atrophy or hepatic abscess.

In addition, in some other pathologies such as due to iron overload, autoimmune hepatitis, autoimmune pathology in the small intestine or when taking certain medications to treat a certain disease, such as tuberculosis treatment drugs also affect the metabolism of cells Hepatotoxicity, causing liver toxicity or acute hepatitis. In the event of blood fat lowering drugs can also increase liver enzymes but when stopping taking the drug, liver enzymes return to normal indicators.

Indicators in liver enzymes dangerous forecasts

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At this stage if more alcohol is used, it is dangerous because the amount of acetaldehyde is a toxin produced by the use of a beer that will destroy very strong liver cells, possibly mass-damaged liver cells causing acute hepatitis , hepatic coma, dangerous to life. On the other, high liver enzymes if not treated will lead to chronic hepatitis, cirrhosis, even causing liver cancer.

The indicator AST and ALT in highly hepatic enzymes will diminishing life expectancy, increasing mortality from 21-78%. If the AST indicator doubles, it increases by 32% of the risk of death, if more than double the risk of death will be up to 78%. When a double ALT will increase by 21% of the risk of death and when it increases more than doubled, the risk will be 59%.

High room and treatment of liver enzymes

For prevention and treatment of elevated liver enzymes, good protection of the liver leaves by applying healthy, reasonable nutrition, limiting the use of alcohol, and alcoholic beverages, not smoking, Lao medicines, not eating skin , animal fats, foods that contain more sugar, oil and grease, avoid spicy hot spices.

It is necessary to have a reasonable resting mode, gentle exercise, not so late, do not do much heavy work.

However, at the time of Tet many partying, blessing, the use of alcohol is inevitable. So, with those who have had a history of increasing liver enzymes, it is necessary to take tests, re-examine this indicator to have appropriate treatment and prevention direction.

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With people at risk for increasing liver enzymes (usually people who drink many beers, overweight, obesity...), special needs attention: limit the maximum drinking alcohol in each party by being able to "accumulate a great state" which should only click lips; Should eat a lot of vegetables, onions in the party...


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