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What does elevated liver enzymes pose?

Without timely control, the concentration of yeast is too high to make the disease worse, the person is at risk of decreasing life expectancy, even death. So how to prevention and effective treatment of elevated liver enzymes?

What is high liver enzymes?

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The liver is a anti-toxic organ of the body, all toxins when entering the body are treated in the liver. Liver cells always suffer from toxic agents. Liver enzymes are a type of enzymes located in liver cells.

When liver cells die due to the aging process, there is a number of liver enzymes that are released into the bloodstream at concentrations below 40UI/L (this is almost fixed in normal humans). Normal liver enzymes have the following indicators: AST: 20-40 UI/L, ALT: 20-40 UI/L, GGT: 20-40UI/L, alkaline phosphatas: 30-110 UI/L. When the higher these indicators are called high hepatic enzymes. For a certain cause such as drinking beer, viral infections, antipyretic drugs, analgesic, blood fat-lowering drugs.…