Baby moment 34 weeks born from the coma mother

Unexpected wind wave

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Over 4 years of living, with each other 1 lovely cute daughter who is now 3 years old, the family members, who also said, the life of Anh Hai and Ms. Comedy (residing in Tien Phong ward, Thai Binh Province) like that is peaceful happy. By 2 spouses, although they are workers, money earned is not yet available to fake amateurs but also enough to spend for a casual life.

She then had her second child pregnant, tired, and occasionally appeared. But both of you, as well as every family member, think that the common manifestation of women who are pregnant. Therefore, almost all of the pregnancy, she was pleased to refer to the physician for ultrasound, periodic pregnancy test without the suspicion of having an evil disease appearing to cause her health status to decline. When seen on the limbs appear redness, she recently came to the dermatologist for examination.

Here, after the examination, dermatologists said that she had no skin disease and advised her to come to the hospital to be tested, examining other diseases. At this, she and her new family had a fire at the Thai Binh Provincial General Hospital for more thorough examination. And then, heaven and earth collapsed when doctors discovered she had blood cancer.

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Magical Baby Journey

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On 30/9, she was transferred from the Thai Binh Provincial General Hospital for Emergency Studies at the Central Institute of Hematological and Blood transfusion.

At the Central Institute of Hematologist and Blood transfusion, physicians have identified, patients with M3-class leukemia with a very high elevated leukocyte cell condition and severe coagulation disorder. Therefore, as expected, patients will be treated with coagulation disorders on acceptable levels then perform surgical abortion on the morning of 3/10 at the maternity hospital.

However, evening on 2/10 the comedian suddenly had a brain hemorrhage and fell into a lethargic state that caused the whole family to panic. Her sister was on the spot when she learned about her sister's critical condition.

At this, the physicians of the Institute of Hematologist and blood transfusion were quick to counsel with the family to find a way to save the baby in the belly so that the patient had more health to maintain.

Accordingly, the comedy is expected to be taken to the Central Maternity Hospital for emergency surgery for the child from the mother's body. However, because of her poor health, it is difficult to move, and the blood transfusion has been contacted to a maternity hospital by intervention.

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Shortly thereafter, the board of Directors of the maternity hospital had sent a surgery of five people led by Dr. Le Thien Thai, deputy director of the hospital leading to the rescue of his nephew.

The operation was carried out at the Institute of Hematobiology and Blood transfusion. Photo: Institute of Hematobiology and Blood transfusion.

Here, doctors had to implement the temporary and antiseptic lighting system (led by the hematologist and blood transfusion without the operating room-PV), and then perform the operation of the patient at an emergency bed.

By 2 a.m. on 3/10, 1, 9kg girl was successfully slaughtered and the neonatal resuscitation then brought back to the neonatal department, maternity Hospital for special care.

At this time, brother Hai and his brothers in the new family relieved, because the baby is now saved, and the comedy, although not recovered but there have been other signs of good transformation with the initial critical situation.

Since that time, it has been 7 days passed, the baby is the Doctor of maternity hospital care doctors have made very good progress.

The child being cared for in the maternity hospital has progressed very well in terms of health.

On 9/10, DR. Vu Ba Dinh-Director of the Central Maternity hospital said that the family was able to welcome him home care if desired. However, at this, at the Central Institute of Hematobiology and Blood transfusion, Ms. Vu Thi Comedy, my mother is still in deep coma.

This has caused the family to be very worried. Anh Hai, the comedy husband dare not leave his wife, despite that, around the bed of the sick, you, friends always live to wait for the minute she wakes again.

Ms. Vu Thi Hai, sister-in-law comedy said, only unless visiting a child at the Central Maternity Hospital, the rest of England is at the side of the wife. In addition to taking the legs, hand over, occasionally whispering to his wife, he also turned to his wife voice, cry of the great hope that the voice, that cry can wake her, take her back to the family and you...


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