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Baby moment 34 weeks born from the coma mother

Unexpected wind wave

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Over 4 years of living, with each other 1 lovely cute daughter who is now 3 years old, the family members, who also said, the life of Anh Hai and Ms. Comedy (residing in Tien Phong ward, Thai Binh Province) like that is peaceful happy. By 2 spouses, although they are workers, money earned is not yet available to fake amateurs but also enough to spend for a casual life.

She then had her second child pregnant, tired, and occasionally appeared. But both of you, as well as every family member, think that the common manifestation of women who are pregnant. Therefore, almost all of the pregnancy, she was pleased to refer to the physician for ultrasound, periodic pregnancy test without the suspicion of having an evil disease appearing to cause her health status to decline. When seen on the limbs appear redness, she recently came to the dermatologist for examination.

Here, after the examination, dermatologists said that she had no s…