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Soy milk can be a poisonous substance

Avoid tofu, soybeans with honey, brown sugar. In these two bean products are often many plaster, in honey has a high sugar content. When shared, gypsum and sugar combined together will cause the phenomenon of lumps, freezing in the stomach makes users difficult to breathe, serious will lead to coma.

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Together, honey contains formic acid, soybeans have many proteins, combining these 2 types will lead to precipitation, indigestion. People with a history, cardiovascular pathology will die faster.

Antibiotics containing tetracycline, erythromycine will decomposition nutrients in soy milk when used together. So take about 1 hour from each other to avoid the harmful depolymerization above.

Drinking too much soy milk can cause indigestion, bloating, diarrhea. According to the recommendation of the nutritionist, the adult should not drink more than 500ml/day.

Uncooked soy milk contains trypsin enzyme inhibitors…