7 Habits of serious health effects

Visit through the Internet

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The Internet has a lot of information that we need to even knowledge about the diseases and symptoms of instability that you are experiencing. However, the "Google doctor" cannot substitute for a real doctor. You should go to see if the health problems to find the source of the disease. Not the doctor's responses on the Internet end up with the sentence "Should you visit a specialist doctor for more specific examination"?

Excessive exercise

Exercise is good for the body but you should only exercise with the intensity that fits into the existing health condition. Sometimes, we just need to sit back and relax better than working in the workout. Symptoms such as fatigue, difficulty sleeping, decreased immunity, muscle soreness... Signal that you are getting an overactive body.

Do not eat fruits and vegetables

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Eating lots of vegetables and fruits helps you reduce the risk of heart disease and some forms of cancer while controlling the weight well. But not few people "damn" vegetables and fruits or eat less than the needs of the body.

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Lazy Health Checkup


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