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The new face of the woman thousand tumors

"Very funny. Never dare to look at the mirror. The eye was also obscured by pimples, "the 36 year old woman in Soc Trang spoke briefly and laughed out loud.

Almost 2 months after being cut off nearly 30 tumors on the body, Sa Ly said, her health is completely stable. "I eat it, sit easier. The legs are about to stand up, "the Khmer woman said.

Cho Ray Hospital representative said that this patient's health is completely stable, the incisions have healed. In particular, the position of skin grafting on the face is well-compatible which makes the face more beautiful about 80%.

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"To the patient about the country but we still encouraged the family to take her back for surgery to continue the remaining tumors," a doctor said.

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From birth, on the people of Thi Sa Ly have few small dots like moles. A year after her entire …