Italian drug supplements medicine, pregnant women

It is a healthy person, so when pregnant, she does not have much sickness and eat well. But the mother-in-law in Ha Nam still went down to get pregnant, "for the white Baby". For mother-in-law, listen to people who have a good oriental medicine for the fetus, do not drink then the children will be hot, black singe so fresh drink.

"Think the new drug so you don't notice carefully, but pour it always into the pot. Someone who is drinking to the 3rd bowl is too frightened. It's up to you to open the rest of your medicine, because many have white spots, yellow spots, "Mrs. Ha share.

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After that time, she discarded the remaining drug and did not intend to unload any more.

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Dr. Nguyen Xuan Directional, chairman of the Council of Medicine said, like Mrs. Ha, many pregnancies think of impregnated with traditional medicine because they think it's "healed". However, this is the concept of not being completely true.

"In the Oriental Medicine, no drug is not poisonous, there are several three toxic parts, including tonic. In addition, not everyone who is pregnant must also take medication, improper administration of the drug can cause harm to the fetus, "the Doctor speaks.

According to him, the fact shows that there is a percentage of pregnant women suffering from miscarriage due to improper use of oriental medicine, such as the case of a pregnant woman in Hanoi not long ago that the doctor's orientation once knew. Pregnant for more than 2 months, healthy, do not get in the morning, she voted good eating. Despite this, she was still going to cut medicine for tonic. But after a while, she saw abdominal pain, bleeding and a miscarriage.

"Therefore, taking tonic in general, especially with pregnant women must be carefully considered and adhered to certain principles. The drug is considered tonic in Oriental medicine which is not always added. It can have a good effect on this person but is dangerous to the other ", the Doctor emphasizes.

Obstetrician-gynecologist le thi Kim Dung, Thai HA Labour Medical Center also said that what the medicine is absolutely safe, including Oriental medicine. In traditional Vietnamese medicine also the transfer of many very good tonic For pregnant women, the problem is that the level of the drug is loaded, the quality of the drug.

"The prescription may be true but the copy process is not guaranteed, using preservatives, the drug is broken... May harm the fetus. In addition, pregnancy is present in normal physiological contrast, not everyone who has elected also needs to be impregnated, avoid the case of excessive harm ", said Doctor.

Dr. Nguyen Xuan Directions also said, with the elect nothing can replace the proper nutrition. If the mother is healthy, eat well, the fetus develops normally without the need for tonic.

Except where pregnant women suffer from sickness, vomiting is much, no eating is affected by the health of both the mother and fetus, it is necessary to take tonic. However, it must be strictly adhered to the indications of the qualified person.

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Doctors recommend, if you want to make an appointment with Oriental medicine, you should visit reliable facilities, to the place to take the drug and not thanks to the person. Each pregnant person may have different health and condition, and prescribe it individually for each person. And the mechanics of each person, the physician may raise or lower some of the medications in the elevator.


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