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Italian drug supplements medicine, pregnant women

It is a healthy person, so when pregnant, she does not have much sickness and eat well. But the mother-in-law in Ha Nam still went down to get pregnant, "for the white Baby". For mother-in-law, listen to people who have a good oriental medicine for the fetus, do not drink then the children will be hot, black singe so fresh drink.

"Think the new drug so you don't notice carefully, but pour it always into the pot. Someone who is drinking to the 3rd bowl is too frightened. It's up to you to open the rest of your medicine, because many have white spots, yellow spots, "Mrs. Ha share.

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After that time, she discarded the remaining drug and did not intend to unload any more.

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Dr. Nguyen Xuan Directional, chairman of the Council of Medicine said, like Mrs. Ha, many pregnancies think of impregnated with traditional medicine because they think it's "healed". However, this is the concept of not being …