Hair beauty at risk of cancer

To the hospital for hair, hair dye

Seeing shaggy hair, last month 12-2009, Mrs. Nguyen Thi Tho, 27 years old in District 3 to a hair salon on Pham Ngoc Thach Street to straighten hair. After hair beauty is 10 days, her scalp develops itching, then the hair is shed gradually. Dr. Huynh Huy Hoang-Dean of clinical Science 2 BV Dermatology HCM said, Sister Hospitalist is diagnosed with full bald hair, must be treated actively.

Statistics from Dermatology HCM CITY show that, every month this place receives about 50 cases of visits and treatment due to cosmetic allergies beautify hair, dye hair triggers.

At the beginning of the past 5 months, dermatology BV also received Mr. Phan H. T., 40 years old hospitalization in the entire area of the skin of water flowing, patients with itching and can not be slept.

According to physicians noted earlier, not long before, this patient went to dye hair, after dyeing for about 10 minutes, he T, panicked because of a burning scalp, itching, and then watery, forcing him to be hospitalized. At the dermatology department, the doctor said the skin of his head T. has edema and watery.

Wimming Cosmetic Cosmetics

As a person who opens a hair Salon, I look to Tan Binh, Kim bien and Binh Tay Markets-which specialize in supplying a variety of hair materials. At No. 19 in Kim bien Market, District 5, a woman introduced here is full of stretching, dyeing, hair absorption, hair oil... Of the West-train at a very affordable price, which is used by many hair shops in HCMC and the provinces.

However, according to this person the best-selling goods are also Chinese goods because of the cheap price and it makes beautiful hair instantaneous so the hairdressing shops are very interested.

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Even though the Revlon product originated in China but to sell the goods, the kiosk holder often said that this is the Order of Thailand or America. Revlon dyes produced by the US for 300,000-400,000 copper/box. But the kiosks in Binh Tay Market, District 6 introduce the Revlon products originating from the USA which are cheap for sale (only 50,000-65,000 bronze/box); Medicinal Kanas of Thai also cost 130,000 copper/box, while this drug is actually produced from Thai cost over 200,000 copper/box.

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At a facility selling hair materials in Binh Tay Market, in addition to some products originating from China, many shops also sell some dyes, liters of liter, containers in the plastic can and said this type of self-dispensing from excipients and hair straightener for only 10,000-15,000 copper/liter.

"The dye, this stretch is consumed sharply in some markets in HCMC, some western provinces, eastern and sometimes also have some Western commercial drivers down to buy"-a shop owner said. At the wholesale point of Binh Tay Market, we also see the appearance of hair dye "3 girls" made in China, only 20,000 price/box.

According to pharmacist Pham Huu Hien-General secretary of the Rights Protection Society of Ho Chi Minh City, the announcement from the American Occupational Health and Safety Institute found that 800 chemicals used in cosmetics have been reported as poisonous. Of which many substances are derived from tarry, Phenylendiamin, Benzenne has been introduced by the manufacturer to shampoo, especially hair beauty pills. The substances above are poisonous so the risk of causing the ears is very high.

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Beauty: Sewing by risk

According to the statistics of this BV, in the year 2007, there were 23,031 people suffering from allergic contact dermatitis to the hospital visit, treatment in 2008, the number of patients has increased to 31,415. In the year 2009, this place also received more than 40,000 people to save the hospital for cosmetic cosmetics.

Master of Phan Kim Ngoc-Head of the UNIVERSITY of Science and Natural Engineering Laboratory, said pigments in deep permeability to the hair carrying active paraphenylendiamine is potentially carcinogenic. Not to mention that dyes such as Begen containing Benzenne chemicals can cause lead poisoning, when seeping through the skin if dyed too many times in a month.

Dr. Tran Ngoc Anh-lecturer, UNIVERSITY of Medicine Pham Ngoc Thach HCM said that the degree of damage to the patient's health does not depend on the intake of less or more drugs that are subject to the patient's muscles, allergic history and drug concentrations.


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