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Hair beauty at risk of cancer

To the hospital for hair, hair dye

Seeing shaggy hair, last month 12-2009, Mrs. Nguyen Thi Tho, 27 years old in District 3 to a hair salon on Pham Ngoc Thach Street to straighten hair. After hair beauty is 10 days, her scalp develops itching, then the hair is shed gradually. Dr. Huynh Huy Hoang-Dean of clinical Science 2 BV Dermatology HCM said, Sister Hospitalist is diagnosed with full bald hair, must be treated actively.

Statistics from Dermatology HCM CITY show that, every month this place receives about 50 cases of visits and treatment due to cosmetic allergies beautify hair, dye hair triggers.

At the beginning of the past 5 months, dermatology BV also received Mr. Phan H. T., 40 years old hospitalization in the entire area of the skin of water flowing, patients with itching and can not be slept.

According to physicians noted earlier, not long before, this patient went to dye hair, after dyeing for about 10 minutes, he T, panicked because of a burning scalp, itching, and then watery, …