9 groups of people should not eat spicy

With the following subjects, the more should be noted spicy diets to protect your health:

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1. People suffering from heart disease, high blood pressure, pneumonia, tuberculosis

The main pungent is the cause of abdominal pains, diarrhea..., affecting digestive function.

3. People suffering from cholecystitis, inflammation of the pancreas

Spicy spices stimulate more gastric acid secretion, resulting in the contraction of the gallbladder, making the gallbladder work harder. It is precisely the cause of diseases such as inflammation of the pancreas, gallbladder.

4. Person with "history" of hemorrhoids

The veins around the anus area will be obstructed when subjected to the impact of spicy substances, which makes this area swell, constipation, hemorrhoids will be exacerbated.

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5. Pregnant or lactating women

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These people should not eat spicy as spicy substances can cause the body to be hot, constipation and especially affect the quality of breastfeeding milk.

6. People with kidney disease

The leading important task of the kidneys is the production of urine and through which excretion of SAG substances, toxins out of the body. When you eat those foods that are too spicy, the spicy substance that will impact cellular in the kidneys is damaged, the function of the kidneys becomes weakened, long-day kidney no longer works.

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7. People suffering from dermatitis, general dermatology

These subjects should also not be spicy as it can grow more and more severe.

8. The Skinny

Skinny people often have sore throats, aches and pains. If eating spicy, these diseases will be aggravated and can also lead to a number of other diseases such as anemia, allergies, infectious and inflammatory diseases, boils.

9. Drinking Oriental Medicine

If you are taking Oriental medicine, it is best that you have to diet spicy, as spicy substances can reduce the effectiveness of the drug.


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