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Permanently suspend the deadly traditional medicine clinic

At the meeting on 17/3 in the Office of the Inspector of Health, Mr. Nguyen Van Ninh has reconfirmed the foregoing. At the same time inspective the TP Health department also confirmed the traditional medicine clinic by Mr. Nguyen Van Ninh to have the certificate of Eligibility for medical practice, pharmacy specialized range is to catch circuits, prescribe, to draw a ladder.

Based on the inspection record of the Hoc Mon Health Department, the confirmation of Mr. Ninh; The Medical Department inspector determines, the transfer behavior to the patient as above is the practice of exceeding scope of expertise indicated in the certificate of Practice.

Accordingly, the Department inspector decides the administrative penalty for Mr. Ninh amount of 5 million 500 thousand VND; At the same time, it is the right to use a certificate of eligibility for practice is not limited to the Office of traditional medicine by Mr. Ninh. This treatment room will cease to function since 17/3.

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