Parents are fattening to their children, but the system behind makes many people

Children who suffer from overweight, obesity increasingly tend to increase

According to nutritionists, overweight, obesity is the accumulation of abnormal fat, exceeding the levels that affect health. Currently, overweight, obese children are the problem of community health challenges across the globe.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) year 2016, approximately 41 million children under 5 years old and 340 million children aged 5-19 are overweight and obese.

Young children with obesity increasingly tend to grow, especially in urban countries. Artwork

In Vietnam, overweight, obesity tends to rise rapidly in recent years, especially in the urban area. In 1996, the proportion of overweight children of obesity in Hanoi and HCMC is 12%. However, this rate grew to about 43% in 2009.

In the period 2014-2015, the rate of young obesity in HCMC is above 50%, while the inner city of Hanoi is about 41%.

Recently, the National Nutrition Institute continues to announce the remarkable number…

The alcoholic drinkers only harm the liver, but new pancreatitis is a lethal disease ' untimely '

The most deaths

The gloomy atmosphere, the sigh, the shaking of the head of a relative is what is going on in the room dedicated to treating patients with cirrhosis, acute pancreatitis, chronic pancreatitis in the digestive department, hospital Thanh Nhan.

Ms. Le Thi Hoa (Hai ba Trung, Ha Noi) went to the liver cirrhosis of the wine say, "the patient in this room is full of alcohol to the Institute".

His response to Ms. Nguyen Van Thang (43, Hanoi) shared, more than 10 years of drinking, but first came to the Institute in the state of "birth", the moment he feared he could not go home but had to meet the ancestors.

Previously, he had just thought of drinking wine to have fun with his friends, making relationships, he never thought that alcohol could lead him to illness even death.

He won the share, each day he drank about 300ml/day. During the past holiday, due to a long time meeting with friends on the day not to meet to Han, he drank wine – beer more and more often, t…

Should urination be urinating immediately?

Quite a lot of people have habits: every sadness is urinating immediately, because the anxiety of fasting will harm kidney function. But this is the wrong perspective as it will cause the bladder syndrome to increase activity. 

DR. Bui Scene Vin – Specialist in male studies (Medlatec Hospital) said that the increased bladder syndrome is understood as when the threshold for irritation of the urinary bladder is smaller than normal. With an ordinary person, when the bladder contains from 300-500 ml is the threshold for irritation that leads to urinary distress. However there are cases where the threshold only reaches 47 ml (by 1/6 ordinary people) already has irritation of urination, which causes the patient to take more urination than the normal person.

In his case H.T. Đ (43 years old, Hoan Kiem, Ha Noi) recently in the examination Medlatec, treatment is one of the victims from the habit of many people. According to the words, he was about 20-30 minutes, he had to go urine 1 time. Daytim…

BS Warning 5 habits you should change immediately because of the possible "raising big" throat cancer cells

In recent years, the incidence of patients with throat cancer is increasing and many people with this disease have a habit of eating mistakes that last long without knowing.

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According to the doctor in favor of pants, oncology Department, Central South University (TQ) shared on the family Doctor Channel (TQ), if you maintain the habit of eating current popular dishes such as smoked bacon, sour pickles and other processed food available Often, it can cause cancer of the nasopharynx, the risk of ascending over time.

Therefore, experts advise that, keep away from the poor eating habits that can cause cancer of the nasopharynx. Should do a good job of healthcare by healthy diets to make throat cancer not to attack yourself.

5 Eating habits can cause cancer of the throat you need to avoid right

1, do not eat food that has mold, transformer

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Foods such as rice, corn, and stray in house are prone to mold and rapid deformation. After a mold infec…

Book further hope for cancer patients

With side effects when treating patients with

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Bs. DR. Daisuke Tachikawa always concerns the level of danger, devastating the health of cancer and the number of people with cancer is increasing. Therefore, he does not stop researching treatments that can help patients improve their health conditions. He returned to the mission of his career, motivated him to learn, study and practice medicine in the years 1990.

Surgical methods, chemotherapy, radiation therapy was concerned by BS Daisuke Tachikawa, however, the course of treatment in these forms can cause side effects. Among those treated by chemotherapy or radiotherapy, he noticed that extracts of Agaricus fungi have the ability to support a decrease in the inhibition of bone marrow (also known as a decrease in white cells). From here, he began to put confidence in functional food and began to study about it.

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In addition to Agaricus fungi, during research studies, the Doctor also accidenta…

Fantasy breasted woman right side big side small, 4 years after the new girl knows the truth

4 years ago, Chen Yu (now 18 years old) noticed the two sides asymmetrical breasts, her left chest is bigger than the right chest. However, when she asked her to ask her, she said that it is the normal manifestation of puberty and every woman will have two breasts that are not equal, so Chen Yu is no longer in mind.

After some time, Chen Yu discovered that the left chest was growing and that the asymmetry was markedly visible. Whenever she was active, she was breathing, very tired, which caused many inconvenience to the life of the girl.

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When she went to college, Chen Yu decided to visit the doctor and discovered there was a large breasts in the left chest. According to Dr. Liu Yuchun-The surgical Faculty of Changsha Central Hospital, Hunan (China), the breast tumor on the left of the girl is very hard, appears quite clearly, fills the chest, skin around the reddish. After entering the hospital, doctors actively improved the health status of Chen Yu before proce…

What happens if it's fasting all day?

Fasting is a long-standing part of many religious traditions, including Yom Kippur ceremony of Judaism and Ramadan of Islam. A fasting type called constant fasting has also become a popular weight loss tool.

Many studies have looked at the benefits and risks of feeding in a day, including its effects on weight loss.

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What happens during fasting?

Whether it's fasting or not, your body still needs energy. The body's main energy source is a sugar called glucose, which is often derived from carbohydrates, including cereals, dairy products, fruits, some vegetables, beans and even sweets.

The liver and muscles store glucose and release it into the bloodstream whenever the body needs it.

However, during fasting, this process varies. After about 8 hours of fasting, the liver will use its final glucose reserve amount. At this time, the body enters the state called gluconeogenesis (Tan-form glucose), marking the transition of the body into the fasting model.

Studies …